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We are so pleased to receive so much help of you and we thought that the best way of show our appreciation is including your work in the website. In this space you can see who people help us to improve Dr. Scratch!

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Dr. Scratch's team likes to thank you for your contributions.

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We know the importance of receiving feedback on your own language to understand every little detail or hint, so we'll translate Dr. Scratch to facilitate coding learning to as many people as possible.

Would you like help us to translate Dr. Scratch to your language? Many people have already helped us!

Fernando S.Pacheco
Dimitris Nikolos
Pau Nin
Pau Nin works as Elementary School teacher and Masters degree in Innovation Pedagogical and Education Leadership in the XXI century. He's an enthusiast of the Programmation and educational robotic. Also he loves sharing with other teachers the possibilities of both(programmation and robotic) as one of the most powerful motivational tools available today to teach in the classroom.
Gonzalo García Fernández
Adelmo Eloy


We are collaborating with several schools where we can prove the website with children and see which features they need.

Thanks all of children and teachers who help us with the development!

CEIP Lope de Vega

Teacher: Jorge Lobo

CEIP Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba

Teacher: Chema Gonzalez

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