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We are still working on it. If you have any comments or ideas please contact us here.

Welcome to the Dr. Scratch website, an analytical tool that evaluates your Scratch projects in a variety of computational areas. This analyzer is a helpful tool to evaluate your own projects, or those of your Scratch students.

There are two options to analyze your Scratch project now!
1. Introduce the url of your Scratch project, you don't have to download it:

2. If you have your project downloaded in the computer you can analyze it here:

Error! Please choose a .sb or .sb2 file or input an url

Batch Mode

IMPORTANT! Please upload a txt containing the URLs of the projects, with each URL on a separate line. Or a zip containing the .sb3 (Max. 10)

Personalized Mode

The personalized mode allows you to create a personalized rubric for evaluate projects by your own criteria, after this you can share a link associated to your rubric to evaluate your students.

Recommender Assistant

NEW!!! This mode gives you a feedback about the bad smells of your project and how to solved them with a assistant style.

Comparison Mode

The comparison mode allows you to compare two different projects, enabling you to highlight their key differences and gain detailed insights into each.

A powerful tool to analyze your Scratch projects

Winner of

For the first time, a Spanish team, made up of researchers from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid and professors from the Sevillian association Programamos, has been awarded a Google RISE Award, for the project Dr. Scratch.

Article of National Institute of Educational and Teacher Technologies

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We are still working on it. If you have any comments or ideas please contact us here.

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