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You can still use the old version of DrScratch that analyzes Scratch 2.0 projects

Welcome to the Dr. Scratch website, an analytical tool that evaluates your Scratch projects in a variety of computational areas. This analyzer is a helpful tool to evaluate your own projects, or those of your Scratch students.

There are two options to analyze your Scratch project now!
1. Introduce the url of your Scratch project, you don't have to download it:

2. If you have your project downloaded in the computer you can analyze it here:

Error! Please choose a .sb or .sb2 file or input an url


Why you’ll love Dr. Scratch

A powerful tool to analyze your Scratch projects

Simple & Fun

Your students can easily learn how to improve their programming skills in a fun way.

Improve your skills

We provide feedback on several aspects which are related to Computational Thinking.

Always improving

We're continually enhancing the features of Dr. Scratch, and we'd love to hear your thoughts


How it works

There are two options to analyze a Scratch project with Dr. Scratch

You can upload an sb2 file or just provide the project url, avoiding the need to previously download the project to your computer. By analyzing your projects with Dr. Scratch, you can easily check your Computational Thinking Score.

  • It is extremely easy to use, both for begginers and expert programmers.

  • You receive feedback to improve your coding skills.

  • You can keep on improving your programming skills by yourself even from home.

  • You can track your progress through charts and stats.


Coming Soon

We are working on new features to improve Dr. Scratch

Multilingual website

We know the importance of receiving feedback on your own language to understand every little detail or hint, so we'll translate Dr. Scratch to facilitate coding learning to as many people as possible.

Teacher accounts

Teachers will be able to group (and follow) their students to keep track of their progress in a fast and simple way.

Cloud platform

We are in the process of migrating our servers to the Cloud with the aim of providing a better performance.


With Dr. Scratch plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox, students will analyze their project WHILE programming on the Scratch website.


We'd like to take learners curiosity one step further. Do you have cool ideas to gamify our platform?

Social network

The new social network funcionalities will allow users to communicate with each other to exchange ideas and challenges.


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